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The company

The principle

The company CISTEN is founded on the valorization of research. Built upon a privileged partnership with the Laboratory of Contact Mechanics and Structures (LaMCoS) at INSA Lyon, its aim is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from the world of research to industrial and engineering offices and healthcare facilities.

We offer our clients the scientific knowledge and approaches developed in the course of our research. We provide customized services designed to your specific needs.

CISTEN’s areas of expertise is gathered into two main activities: tribology and biomechanics. Our services cover both theoretical and practical aspects necessary for solving your challenges through experimental and/or numerical means.

A strong connection to the world of research

The Laboratory of Contact Mechanics and Structures is a joint research unit of INSA Lyon and CNRS. Its research themes cover various aspects of controlling and understanding the behavior of mechanical systems and structures.

In particular, the study of different phenomena involved in friction mechanisms is approached from multiple perspectives within the “Tribology and Interface Mechanics” team. Combining theoretical and numerical viewpoints, as well as experimental approaches, understanding these phenomena occurs at multiple scales and is at the core of the activities of the researchers and doctoral students in this team.

A Cutting-Edge Scientific Environment

CISTEN is located within the INSAVALOR Business and Innovation Center on the LyonTech-LaDoua Campus. This center brings together approximately 50 companies and has become the hub of a highly active technopole, benefiting from the influence and concentration of activities in this cutting-edge scientific environment. Alongside several renowned laboratories, we are an integral part of the academic life in Lyon.

Our team

Marine Menut

CEO, PhD., R&D Engineer

R&D Engineer in Tribology and Biomechanics

Lucas Frache

PhD., R&D Engineer

R&D Engineer in Experimental and Numerical Tribology

Benyebka Bou-Saïd

Expert in Biomechanics and Numerical Tribology

University Professor,
LaMCos, INSA Lyon

Aurélien Saulot

Expert in Experimental Tribology

University Professor,
LaMCos, INSA Lyon

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