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Experimental tests

Experimental tests are essential for advancing our understanding of complex surface interaction phenomena. Conducted on research-specific benches, each test can be designed to your specific needs. We are committed to providing you with results as transparent and as quickly as possible.

Tribological Characterization
Tribological Characterization
Example of a tribological coating wear study on a linear reciprocating bench at variable temperature.

Tribological characterization of contacts

Our wide range of tribometers (linear reciprocating, rotary, etc.) allows us to assess the behavior of contacts:

  • Evolution of the friction coefficient
  • Temperature variation during the test or at a fixed temperature,
  • Material wear,
  • Coating performance,
  • Lubricant effectiveness,
  • Many other parameters…
Wide range of movements
Wide range of movements
An example of a sample holder mounted on a linear reciprocating tribometer for the study of low-amplitude wear in metal cables.

A wide range of movements available

The tribometers developed at the LaMCoS laboratory cover a wide range of movements in order to reproduce specific contacts as closely as possible:

  • Alternating movement at low or high load over short amplitudes.
  • Reciprocating movement up to medium load over long amplitudes,
  • Oscillating movement at medium and high load for any angle,
  • Impact and sliding movement,
  • Continuous movement on rotary tribometer.
Specific experimental benches
Specific experimental benches
Moving an experimental bench under an optical microscope for high-speed contact observation with video recording.

Adapting experimental benches

Our numerous setups can be customized to meet the unique needs of each customer:

  • Hot and cold testing,
  • Tests with or without lubrication,
  • Representative specimens or real parts,
  • Sensors: vibration analysis, high-speed camera, use of tracers (PIV), system assembly under microscope, etc.

We also offer 3D design and machining services for maximum autonomy and efficiency.