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Design and Prototyping

The variety of tests offered is coupled with the high adaptability of our test benches. To achieve this, we provide design services supported by our in-house professional 3D printing tool, and the proximity of our partners, enabling us to ensure controlled lead times.

Design and manufacturing
Design and manufacturing
Design and manufacturing of a stepper motor triggered with a high-speed acquisition camera for a specific study at cryogenic temperatures.

Design and manufacturing for testing

If necessary, we incorporate 3D design and manufacturing services into our tests to:

  • Design and create custom test specimens (materials, geometry) for testing,
  • Manufacture the necessary adaptation elements to install your real systems on our test benches.

A wide range of manufacturing methods is offered: machining (metal, plastic, ceramic), 3D printing (FDM, SLA, SLS).

Specific Applications
Specific Applications
Design and fabrication of a motorized model for a representative wheel-rail contact test bench.

Demonstrator design and manufacture

Do you want to bring your ideas to life? We offer our design and rapid manufacturing services to create your initial demonstrators or illustrative models within reasonable timeframes.